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Hullo, I'm Toki♥

I'm an utter spacecase and a total spazz.
At times, I may sound like a pretentious swot, and on many occasions a disturbed, demented individual, but I'm actually rather tsundere at heart. I'm also, unfortunately, a compulsive liar.♥

Feel free to add me, but please introduce yourself in a comment first, and I'll (probably) friend you back

I'm in a lot of fandoms, but the major ones include: Axis Powers Hetalia, xxxHolic & Tsubasa(and most CLAMP), Oofuri, Natsume Yuujinchou, Brave Story, Good Omens, Harry Potter, Higurashi, Static Shock


Journal Header by me, from images from the 07 Ghost manga
FO-banner: [profile] midoriankh, art by [profile] sayame
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